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From budget to bespoke – we’ve got your brand covered!

Don’t you just hate it when you find a company that does promotional merchandise – then discover that they can’t come up with the goods or can’t quite fulfil your requirements? The order’s too big, too small, too weird, too last minute...

That’s why The Little Branding Company are here.

We love it when customers say...

You see, we’re all about helping you out – whatever the size of your order and whatever kind of budget you’re packing. We’re quick to move when time’s tight and you’ve got a deadline looming (you can leave the sweating to us!). And we’re the absolute go-to people if you’re looking for something unique (heck, we don’t just rise to a challenge, we levitate all over it!). 



Just look at this fantastic Caricature Garden Gnome we produced a while back for an iconic Bedfordshire Football Manager....

there was an equal amount of love and hate for this product but overall I think the photo captures the emotion perfectly!


* Ready to be wowed by us? Give us a call on 07852 951425