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Festive Promotions

Ho Ho Ho! 'Tis the season to deck the halls and spread joy to everyone. But why stop at decorating your tree when you can deck out your business with promotional gifts?  We're diving headfirst into the exuberant world of giving promotional gifts during the most wonderful time of the year and why it's an absolute must! Picture this…. snowflakes falling gently, twinkling lights everywhere, and hearts brimming with excitement. Christmas is all about spreading joy, and giving gifts is the ultimate joy-spreader! The act of giving ignites a burst of happiness for both the giver and the receiver. And guess what? When you give promotional gifts, you're not only spreading joy, but you're also sprinkling some extra magic onto your brand! Christmas is a time for building snowmen, but it's also a time for building and strengthening relationships. Promotional gifts are like the glue that holds your business connections together. They go beyond business transactions and create bonds that last. In a world filled with Zoom calls and emails, these gifts remind everyone that real connections are worth celebrating! Gifts don't just vanish into thin air after they're unwrapped. They stay around, like your uncle's epic holiday sweater collection. When you give promotional gifts, they stick around, reminding your clients and partners of your awesome business. Whether it's a snazzy calendar, a cozy mug, or a nifty USB drive, your brand stays right at the forefront of their minds. Christmas is the season of giving, and guess what? People are actively on the lookout for gifts and festive offers. So, what better time to share your brand than when everyone's in the mood for giving? Promotional gifts during the festive season not only make your customers happy but also supercharge your brand's visibility. Plus, people love to share their merch on social media, turning your brand into a festive superstar! Here's a quick guide to ensure your promotional gifts bring maximum joy: Be Relevant: Choose gifts that resonate with your brand and your recipient's tastes. Up the Quality: Make sure your gifts are top-notch; your brand deserves nothing less! Add a Personal Touch: A handwritten note or a little extra flair goes a long way. Timing Is Key: Plan and deliver your gifts at just the right moment to create maximum impact. These Christmas gifts aren't just tinsel and glitter—they bring a serious return on investment. When done right, they boost customer loyalty, rocket your brand's visibility, and send your sales into the stratosphere! In conclusion, giving promotional gifts at Christmas isn't just a tradition; it's a joy-filled adventure, a business booster, and an absolute delight! This year, let the world of promotional merchandise take your business to new heights, spread cheer far and wide, and make this Christmas an unforgettable one for your brand and your amazing customers. To discuss your Christmas gifts in more detail and make this Christmas the jolliest and best one yet, give us a call on 07852 951425 or drop an email to sales@thelittlebrandingcompany.co.uk  - failing that, if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a cuppa and have a browse of our website www.thelittlebrandingcompany.co.uk Read More

Wellbeing - Products to make you feel good

Health & Wellbeing has proven to be one of the more resilient ‘sectors’ over the last couple of years, after all, we ALL have to wash and clean ourselves everyday which means we all use and need these products, we just don’t realise it! It is a category that many have a preconception about, but it is not just the healthcare and beauty industries that use wellbeing products, everyone likes to feel good! When we are not feeling on top form, we need products to help us get better… a pack of tissues for the persistent winter cold,  or hay fever in the summer, a relaxing bath soak to ease the tension of the day away.  We all go on holiday, we all like a little bit of sun on our face, we all buy the essential travel accessories to make sure we don’t burn and we have the emergency first aid kit in case someone slips by the pool.  Actually, the more you sit down and think about it the more wellbeing products are used by everyone, every day as part of your ‘daily life’ so why not consider it as a promotional product; Solicitors go on holiday Insurance brokers wash Estate agents get colds Teachers brush their teeth  It is a product range that is ever evolving as retail brands constantly create new versions of products to compete for market share, there may not be obvious new products launched but they are there! A new lip balm flavour, a body wash with a new natural ingredient, new colourful on-trend packaging so why not broaden your mind and give your promotional product range a ‘healthy’ new feel.  To discuss your next campaign, give Jo a call on 07852 951425 or drop an email to jo@thelittlebrandingcompany.co.uk   Read More

Clothing & workwear

Keeping it casual We’ve got T-shirts. Lots of T-shirts. In pretty much every size, shape, style, fabric and colour you could possibly think of. In fact, we’ve got so many promotional T-shirts it’s probably best if you leave it to us to find the right one. Unless, of course, you want to trawl through catalogues looking at V-necks, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, buttoned, zipped, chest pockets, reinforced shoulders, jersey, raglan, rollneck... No? Didn’t think so. We can do all the leg work for your branded shorts and trousers, too. Not to mention hoodies, cardigans, shirts, sweatshirts and gilets. We’re great at attention to detail – right down to the pleats and pockets. Get shirty You can’t buy style – but you can buy a smart shirt for your employees. Plain, striped, checked, pleated, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, regular fit, slim fit, one breast pocket, two breast pockets, matching buttons, contrasting buttons, with or without yoke... Who knew choosing a shirt could be so complex? Well, we did actually, which is why we’re experts at finding the right one for your business. Jackets for all seasons A branded jacket keeps your company visible – and ensures your employees stay warm, cosy and dry, too. You might want a jacket with one of these features:- wind-repellent ·       detachable hood ·       water-resistant ·       padded lining ·       breathable ·       adjustable Velcro sleeves ·       drawstring hood ·       internal storm flap with chin guard ·       foldable ·      adjustable cuffs ·      fluorescent shoulder pads ·      large inner pockets ·      waterproof zips ·      loop for ID card holder ·      press studs   Accessories Hats off to you if you’re looking for some headwear. We’ve got knitted hats and beanies in a range of colours to match your business plus baseball caps that are crying out for your company logo. While you’re at it, you might want to stock up on gloves, scarves and belts as well.   Bag it up We’re big on bags. We know the value of having your brand on the move so we have a full range of bags. Sports bags. Duffel bags. Travel bags. Laptop bags. Weekend bags. Bags with pockets, padded carry straps, adjustable straps, built-in trolleys. Bags with more compartments than you can shake a stick at. Just lots of bags, really.   Safety clothes Style takes a back seat when your employees need safety clothing that’s fit for purpose. We have promotional safety clothing to cover all industries, with designs that offer durability and comfort too. Take a look at the selection below – or get in touch for more options. ·        high viz ·        adjustable cuffs and waist ·        creaseproof ·        elasticated waistband ·        water-resistant zip ·        drawstring hem ·        shoulder reflectors ·        reinforced legs ·        under-arm vents ·        hanging breast pockets ·        trousers with adjustable leg ends ·        adjustable hood ·        reversible ·        knee-protector pockets ·        shrinkproof ·        flame retardant   And there’s more... We pride ourselves on sourcing promotional clothing for all types of industries. Construction & installation - Little touches make a big difference here – like pre-bent knees, holster pockets, stretch fabric, kneepad pockets, adjustable hammer holders and easy-access mobile phone pockets. Plus all the clothing is designed for durability. Transport & service - On-the road employees need workwear that’s both durable and comfortable – so they’ll thank you for clothing that comes with stretch fabric across the seat, crotch and knee area. Kitchen & restaurant - Chef’s hats, quick-to-change coats with press studs, trousers with leg pockets to hold knives and tongs, aprons with adjustable neck loop – from head to toe, we can get your staff kitted out for catering. Gyms and Leisure Clubs - With the explosion in demand for running gear, our fully customisable running tees and vests and now a staple for any promotional campaign and are also available in RPET Fabric * Don’t see your industry here? We’re not ignoring you – just drop us a line and we’ll get straight onto it.   Call Jo on 07852 951425 or email on jo@thelittlebrandingcompany.co.uk Read More