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Little company, big ideas...

Hello! We’re The Little Branding Company – but don’t be fooled by the name. We’re not a two-bit, small-time operation that doesn’t know its iron stamping from its foil blocking. Debossing? Yep – we know that’s not something your dentist tells you to do (or if they do, you should find another dentist!).

You might have gathered that we like a bit of fun around here. But when it comes to branding for your business – we’re totally serious. I’m Jo Wareham, the founder, and I’ve been running the company since 2011. Before that I spent nine years working as a key account manager at another promotional company. I’ll spare you the whole CV – but I sure know my onions.


Me at desk   


With us, your branding is in expert hands. Whatever you want, we’ll work our little socks off to get it to you on time and on budget. And we offer all this...


So we say ‘Yah, boo, sucks’ to the big boys. Whatever they can do, The Little Branding Company can do it better.


* Don’t believe us? Ooh, we LOVE a challenge! Give us a call on 07852 951425